We work on improving your research investment. With agility in the care process, we prioritize the need to carry out a responsible project and seek partnerships to facilitate services, such as contracting transportation and patient accommodation, when necessary, budgets closed for a set time, among other facilities. We work in the area of material purchases, equipment, contracts for services and imports. When choosing the best price and quality alternative, we consult the suppliers’ certificates for the safety of our customers.

Necessary documentation

Juridical Capacity

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Technical Capacity

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Financial Suitability

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Fiscal Regularity

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Electronic trading

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Available files

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Comp 014 – Orientações Para Compras De Projetos Públicos

Comp 013 – Orientações Para Compras De Projetos Privados E Eventos

Comp 017 – Justificativa De Compra

Comp 016 – Quadro Demonstrativo De Compras

Comp 001 – Formulário Para Pedido De Compra

Pregão eletrônico 005 de 2013 – Aquisição de servidores

Pregão eletrônico 001 de 2014 – Aquisição de ar condicionado

Pregão eletrônico 002 de 2014 – Empresa de engenharia

Pregão eletrônico 005 de 2014 – Sistema de videobroncoscopia

Formulário Solicitação de Apoio HCPA

Formulário Solicitação de Apoio UFRGS

Editais de 2011

Editais de 2013

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